Rest and relaxation

Enjoy the best a rural property has to offer and an area slightly off the beaten track combined together

Don’t get us wrong, there are no marble floors, no chandeliers, no beautifully manicured croquet lawns but, then again, this is mainland Spain and the climate nor culture would not reflect that. The property is a restored farmhouse with mainly 500mm thick stone walls built in the traditional Valencian style

We bought the property in early 2020. Al came out in February with our motorhome alone to start the renovation process before the pandemic hit the World…….Great. No access to food, fresh water and, of course, building materials. Fortunately, we are smart. We stocked upon dry food and fresh water before we left. We also left tools and a generator with plenty of fuel. This turned out to be our saving grace! And, of course, we couldnt really complain. We had a 6 berth motorhome, with shower and toilet, TV and WIFI and we could park it anywhere within our 2 acres of the beautiful Spanish countryside. One if the great things about the house was that it had a cisterna (large rainwater store under the main house and a well which is currently covered up under the lounge. When full, the cisterna provides plenty of water to irrigate the garden and the well, albeit brackish water, is fine for the pool and Jacuzzi.

We soon got to know our neighbours who were a couple of barn owls, a few pheasants and of course, some wild boar scuffling around the tall grass of an evening and early morning….delightful!. There were and still are very few people who live in our area. We have no neighbours within 300 metres on either side and a small developement of appartments some 300 metres across the road but outside of the season (6 weeks Aug-Sept), no one is around except the local farmers and a few neighbours who are all extremely friendly. Our local ‘tractor guy’ Raul often shouts out”Al” …..melones? or archichofas? as he hands me as much as he can carry freshly picked from a nearby field. Fantastic!

The work in the initial stages was, not to put a finer point on it…making a mess. Plenty of knocking off of old render both inside and out. Taking down a useless conservatory. Making windows where there were doors and doors where there were windows. Really hard graft but very satisfactory. The house dates back, from what Al could see at least a couple of centuries. Excavations unturned ancient water sources, tiles and such like. Eventually, Sue could come out and the restrictions eased so that I could buy food, water, beer and last but not least building materials! Of course, the house had never been a permanent home, more of a weekender for a Spanish family and when we bought it, it had not been lived in for at least 15 years. There was no water supply from the mains, no electricity nor gas so we were literally starting from scratch.

Anyway, work progressed through the various stages of lockdown and restrictions to now mid-2022 at the time of writing this. Bathrooms have been created,as are bedrooms, lounges, pool rennovation, gardens, golf practice area, games areas,kitchens. It is a rustic farmhouse and the decor reflects that. We decided in the early stages that we wanted a ‘rustic’feel without any real luxury. The place doesnt arrant this, functionality was key alongside the best use of what is ostensibly, a small space. Comments from our friends usually include the word ‘tardis’!