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Families are welcome, however, we must stress that we cannot accommodate hen or stag parties.


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Guests are required to leave the property as they found it, remember, this is our home for the rest of the year!


A deposit is required 1 week prior to the booking commencing. This is £800.00 and must be received seven days prior to arrival. This is fully refundable and is there to cover breakages or property damage etc.

Terms & Conditions – Masia Jacaranda

Booking Terms & Conditions for Renting our home

We are delighted that you are interested in renting a property through us Below you will find our terms and conditions.Booking Terms and Conditions. Below ‘us’ refers to the individuals Suzanne and Alistair Tunnington.

1. General

These terms apply with effect from 01.11.2023 of

2. Booking and agreements

2.1 The property shall be booked on our website or directly with us. A confirmation of the booking will be sent immediately via e-mail. The booking confirmation and invoice is also available by mail.

2.2 The Customer should carefully verify that the information in the booking confirmation and invoice are correct. Any differences between these data and previous data in the price list or on our web site is approved by payment of the booking fee.

2.3 If the booking deposit or final payment is not made before the due date we have the right to cancel the order.

2.4 We try as far as possible fulfill special requests. Please note that special requests can only be considered as binding if they are confirmed in writing.

3. Service / prices

3.1.1 Prices are valid for the entire holiday accommodation (not per person) for the agreed period and includes the right for the specified number of persons to occupy the described residence. The published rates are valid until the website is updated.

3.1.2 Possible additional costs to be paid at the destination mentioned always in the price list and invoice. Any desired additional service payable locally. Final cleaning is sometimes calculated as a separate charge on the invoice, in most cases it is included in the rent. The normal cost of energy is usually included in the rent, unless otherwise indicated. Linen (sheets and towels) are commonly found in the home. The rent does not include detergent, toilet paper, firewood, etc. Such acquire the tenant himself, according to his own needs.

3.1.3 Rental period is generally a minimum of 7 nights. Arrival and departure is usually on a Saturday. Outside the holiday season is a shorter lease term and flexible arrival day often possible, but requires a written confirmation from us

3.2 In the description of the item and the resort is also information about local services. However, we can not guarantee that all the mentioned services or features (eg public transport, shops, restaurants, etc.) are available during the rental period. That an activity is closed, especially outside the holiday season is always possible. General Services, which do not relate directly to the holiday home, is not included in the contract and references if such is not binding.

3.3 Terms of Payment

The booking fee is 30% of the full rental amount and payable within 10 days of booking. The remaining sum must be paid no later than 28 days before the lease takes effect. If the booking is made when there is less than 42 days of access, the entire sum paid at once. If the final payment or the total amount not paid on time, we deny entry to the rental object.

3.4 Cancellation Costs

The customer is entitled to make a cancellation the following conditions, against cancellation fees:

a) if the cancellation is made within 43 days before the lease agreement enters into force, we will charge 10% of the rent.b) if cancellation is made 42-29 days before the lease comes into force we charge 50% of the rent.

c) if cancellation is made 28-2 days before the lease comes into force, we will charge 80% of the rent.) if cancellation is made one (1) day before the lease comes into force, or later, we charge the full rent.

Cancellation must be in writing to be considered valid. The cancellation recorded the date on which the message has reached our office. Cancellation sent by email after business hours count as registered on the following working day. To cancellation is considered as valid, requires a written confirmation from us If the rented property is not being used, or put into use after the agreed time of arrival, the customer has no right to recover rent money. Change of destination / objects and time of the journey is always considered as a cancellation.

We also recommend travelers to take out travel insurance.

3.5 Price changes. We carefully designed the description and price of the object. However, we can not guarantee that changes can not occur. Customer is notified of any changes at the time of booking and no later than the booking confirmation. The information in the booking confirmation apply. When confirmation has been sent, it is unlikely, but not impossible, to changes in the property description arises. In the case of a major change, the customer has the right, within five days after he has received the information, cancel at no extra cost. Any fees paid shall be reimbursed. We have the right to change prices 22 days before rental start date on taxes, public charges or exchange rates change so that the rent is affected. If prices increase by over 10%, the customer has the same rights as specified in the preceding paragraph.

3.6 Contract Changes, alternative housing and termination of contracts.We have the right to terminate the lease before its entry into force, if unforeseen events occur so that the rented property can not be sent to the guest. In such cases, fees are paid back. We are also entitled to terminate the contract during the rental, if unforeseen circumstances prevent the use of the rented property. We may try in the best extent possible to find a replacement property of at least the same standard. If this is not possible, or the client legitimately say no to a home, pay us any price differences. In other cases, in paragraph 12 We are not liable for compensation.

4. Arrival and departure:

Change of duration of stay.When the entire rent is paid we will send you a voucher (a lease) to the customer, about 4 weeks before the contract becomes effective. In the voucher specified key holder’s contact details, the address of the holiday home and how to find the key holder. For holiday accommodation can usually get between the hours. 15:00 – 23:00.Keyholder waiting for it in the voucher specified address and at the agreed time. If you can not come at the appointed time should be agreed on the matter with the keyholder in advance. It is often possible to arrange for the key handed over at a time outside the current time limit for a fee, but we can not guarantee it. If the customer can not arrive to the residence as agreed due to eg traffic, strikes, personal reasons, etc. will not be refunded any of the already paid rent. The same applies if the customer arrives early to the dwelling. If customers wish to extend their stay, we must be notified as early as possible. Key pick up will be either directly at home or at a local venue.NOTE! Access to the apartment at the earliest 15.00 admission day and on the day of departure leave the key before 12.00.It is important to take this into consideration when flights booked with the late arrival. Eg if your flight lands 23.55 on July 5, the apartment must be booked from July 5 for admission may be made upon arrival.

5. Number of people

The number of people (including children) as stated in the voucher must not be exceeded. Key Manager has the right to deny access or charge extra for persons in addition to the number specified in the lease, unless you have agreed to them in advance. The maximum number may be exceeded by 2 infants (0-2 years), but this must be notified at time of booking.

6. Tenant’s obligations

6.1 Deposit. When the key holder keyholder to the rented property, he receives a deposit equivalent approximately £800 in the country’s currency. Deposit amount of the fee and payment method (cash or credit card) specified in the invoice and the voucher. The deposit is refundable upon departure, provided that the accommodation is left in the same condition as you found it. If the deposit is not paid, access to the rented property is denied.

6.2 Duty of care.The tenant is responsible for the property and must dispose of litter during their stay. Any house rules must be followed and that consideration should be shown to the surroundings.

6.3 Cleaning of kitchen.The tenant is responsible for the kitchen’s décor, tableware and cutlery are cleaned and washed (it is not included in the final cleaning).

6.4 Damage to the rented property.If the tenant or fellow guests causes damage the keyholder must be informed immediately. The tenant is responsible for the damage he / she or fellow guests cause. The same applies if the property can not be leased to the next tenant. All damages offset against the deposit.

7. Error reporting and complaint

If the rented property is not in a condition defined in the agreement, or if the tenancy period errors occur, the keyholder must be informed immediately. If the deficiencies are not remedied within a reasonable period shall be communicated to us by telephone +34 722208835. If the customer does not immediately inform the keyholder or us of any deficiencies then everything is considered to be in order under the contract. This also applies to defects arising during the rental period. External and regional factors such as insects, stray dogs, adverse weather or eg the condition of public natural areas are not eligible for compensation. Key Trustee has no authority to approve claims and compensations. The problems can not be solved on the spot must be claimed in writing within 4 weeks of the lease expiry. All necessary information and evidence must be attached (photos, receipts, etc.).If the instructions above are followed we are not liable for compensation.

8. Our obligations

If we are guilty of breach of contract, we are obligated to reimburse financial losses, but not personal injury. We are not responsible for damage caused by any of the following:

Tenant or his misdemeanors acts or omissions.Unforeseen or unavoidable omissions of third parties not involved in the lease agreement. Force majeure: we are not responsible for damages caused by an insurmountable obstacles or other unforeseen events, we could not have averted. Such reasons are eg war or natural disasters.The use of swimming pools, children’s playgrounds and sports facilities is entirely at the tenant’s responsibility. Damage or loss suffered by the tenant at the break.Public roads, personal injury or material loss.We can not be held responsible for anything that is not mentioned in these conditions.The terms do not include agency staff.

9. Ombudsman

Before the customer takes legal action or have legal questions concerning these terms and conditions, we recommend that the Consumer Ombudsman contacted. The Consumer Ombudsman is trying to reach a fair and equitable solution for all kinds of problems between the customer and us where stays are booked.

10. Statutory time

Damage claims against us and the right to dispute the contract expires after one year.The statutory period begins the day after the lease expired.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The relationship between the customer and us is affected by Spanish law. The customer can only sue us.

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