Where to start for restaurants and bars there’s a lot!

Firstly, lets just say that this is a seasonal town and, as such, not everything is not open out of season and that suits us just fine. Out of season, there are far less people around and some places close because of this but there are still plenty that do open all year round. If you are visiting between, say, May to October; everything is mostly open except for the ubiquitous fiesta times of between 2-5pm as the Spanish say “mas o menos”…more or less! We’ll start with the venues that are less than 10 minutes stroll (short) from the property, move on to the 15 minute stroll (medium) then in to the town which is about 35-40 minutes walk, 12 minutes by bike and probably the same by car once you park. 

A short stroll

There are 3 we have chosen for this category that are found all along the coast road

El Tunel

An enigmatic building that has quite the history. Good food is served upstairs and fast food downstairs in the cocktail bar. The venue features absolutely stunning views of the sea and coastline. You can really relax here. A family vibe with a real eclectic mix of customers. Chill in the cooler downstairs covered bar or relax in the large terrace upstairs…your choice.

Bar Serredal

To call this rough and ready does it an injustice but it is! A container bar with home meade furniture reclaimed from storm damaged boardwalks or old pallets but hey, it works! Standard food fayre and draught beers along with home made cocktails makenthis an excellent stopping off place or a destination to spend a great evening or lunch with friends or family

Bar Tropicana

Now this place is quite different. I suppose more for young kids as there is an extensive play area for children but this is safely away from the grown up’s therefore the best of both Worlds is achievable. A large dining area and terrace with an upper level to enjoy the view. Tropicana is a quality campsite so there are various pools adjacent but this does in no way spoil the venue.

A medium stroll

Another three, please be mindful, there are a lot more.

Chepi Bar

How to descrive Chepi’s? A mixture of a packed restaurant serving great but simple food inside, coupled with a good sized terrace which is perfect for people watching as they stroll on the road or enjoy the beach some 20 yards away.


Slightly more upmarket with an excellent restaurant serving local produce, seafoods and meat. You can simply enjoy a beer in an ice cold chilled glass on the extensive terrace which has a panoramic viewof the beaches and town…one of our favorite stop off venues on the way to town

Pura Vida

What’s best described as a ‘hippy bar’with a cool vibe and simple theme. A large seated area, once again maily encompassing home-made pallet style furniture with a trampoline area for children at the rear. Stone baked pizzas and local craft beers feature heavily as does an excellent view of the adjacent beach.

Alcossebre town

Now here we could get in to trouble. There are so many bars and restaurants, to pick out a few would do the others an injustice. We have several gourmet restaurants and even one with a Michelen star. The best we can do is show a selection of our favorites.

Tipic bar

Pretty chilled out away from the hustle and bustle of the town whilst being in the town. A nice shady spot to enjoy from a host of tapas, local craft beers and generous cocktails

El Palmeral

Best decribed as a tourist bar albeit open all year round. Great commanding views of the beach below and a good restaurant/tapas area.


Tabu is the British current destination. Set just on the outskirts of the town, the bar/restaurant has great food, drinks and a friendly atmosphere. Always popular with ample space to enjoy the surroundings.

The rest is up to you to discover